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Hernán VIVAChef - Empresario gastronómico - Don Francisco pastas - Productor Anchoas y derivados

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Hernan is one of the owners and head of foreign markets development at DON FRANCISCO PASTAS.

DON FRANCISCO PASTAS produces premium quality fresh pasta, sauces and premium quality shells for the production of pies and empanadas.

Currently, Hernan oversees the production process, sales and is responsible for developing new international markets for the business. He also promotes Don Francisco´s products by organizing and taking part in food festivals around the world tailoring menus and presenting guests with premium fresh pasta dishes characterized by his unique creativity and attractive contemporary presentation.

Prior to joining the family business, Hernan gained valuable experience in the corporate world both in Argentina and abroad (Austria, Mexico, Brazil, US, and other Latin American counties) that contributed to the development of his career becoming Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Director of a prestigious hotel chain.

Hernan has always been a team player and his passion for new ideas, his outgoing and warm personality make him a genuine leader. Extremely professional and detail oriented he overcomes challenges with skill and creativity without disregarding the financial side of the business.


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